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Washington Wrestling Report

High School Rankings for 2003-04


Some rankings will be in HTML format and readable in your browser while some updates will be in the Microsoft Excel format.  If your computer doesn't read the file properly then it means you don't have Excel on your computer and you will need to download and install this FREE Excel Viewer from Microsoft.  After you install it you will be able to view any Excel file that you find posted on the internet.


I would like to thank a number of people for sending information and/or sharing their views with me on rankings.  Direct contributors are MacTruck and Bikerman.  I don't know "Luvene" but he has been very helpful by posting results on my message board which I used for analysis.  I have several other contributors but they have told me they would rather contribute anonymously so I have not mentioned their names but I certainly appreciate their help and input. To all the others that post or email me results, I thank you.  When ever you see results of a big match-up that might alter the rankings, please notify me as I can not follow all the matches that occur.  Email Dave Gilbertson




Final Ranking are based on observations through the Mat Classic.  These are only rankings and the opportunity is available for the top kids to wrestle each at the Washington State Freestyle Championships. 


It is very difficult to rank across the divisional lines when many of the top wrestlers have not had head-to-head match-ups to use as a comparison.  I hope many of the wrestles will attend to the state freestyle meet to test themselves.


April 4, 2004 HTML Version of the Final Washington State High School Rankings.


February 11, 2004 (Excel format)


January 25, 2004 (Excel format)


1/1/2004 Rankings with narrative


12/15/03 (Excel format)


12/7/03 (Excel format)


December Rankings 2003-04 as of 12/3/03


November Preview for 2003-04


September Preview for 2003-04



Washington Preps

Mat Classic Review and Mat Classic Photos


Special thanks goes out to "Mike W" and "Bikerman" for their work on the site this past season. 

Regional All-Star teams by MacTruck