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The wrestling community is trying to save college wrestling at YVCC as well
as add a women's team. We need to show that there is a need and an enough
interest to start a women's program.

We need letters from supporters of the movement for women's wrestling. We
need letters from coaches that coach girls stating that there is a need and
most importantly we need letters from girl wrestlers that would like the
opportunity to wrestle in college and better yet to wrestle in Washington
and even better than that would be if they would state at this time that
they would wrestle at YVCC if there was a team started there.

Through postings on this site we have been given $450 so far in donations
for this cause, which I believe were all from Freestyle clubs and coaches of
current YVCC wrestlers. I have raised another $600 from the local wrestling
community, and YVCC Wrestling Alumni have donated $685 thus far.

Women's wrestling in college in the state of Washington can be a reality.
However, the wrestling community will need to step up and do a little work
instead of just talk about it. It is known that the timing is bad with
everybody in season, but we are under the gun and have time restraints and


Letters can be sent to Mike or Bob at 1410 N 16th Ave Yakima, WA 98902 or
they  can be e-mailed to or faxed to Mike or Bob
at (509) 972-9000.