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sherry b or dave g

Posted by coach on 1/18/2008, 10:49 am

what do you if bought a coaches card before you did your background check and was approved but the card still say background screening needed

Coaches and Officials card information

Posted by Sherry B on 1/18/2008, 11:20 am, in reply to "sherry b or dave g"

This is a really good question, because I answer it about 50 times a day average through e-mail.

When you purchase a coaches or officials card in Washington, whether it is before the background screening or after, it will have the words BACKGROUND SCREENING NEEDED on the bottom of the card. The card remains in a pending status (not current yet).

I have to manually process each card after verifying the background screening and take it out of pending status.

Once I have processed the card, I send each person an e-mail stating they need to log back into their account and re-print the card without the screening statement on it.

If you have not heard from me and still have the statement on the card, you need to e-mail me (I have already e-mailed you, but have not received a response). This is because I have tried to verify the background screening, but you are not showing up on Washington's list. If you are not on Washington's list, I have to request from the company to have you moved to the list and that days several days.

If you are not on the list, I cannot approve/process your card even if you e-mail me the approval from tclogiq. This is because if something ever happened to me and someone needed to start doing the approvals in my place, they would not have the e-mail from you, they would only have the list to verify from. This is for quality control purposes.

The reason you may not show up on my list is you either 1) Did not select Washington State Wrestling Association from the drop down list during the application process through tclogiq or 2) You did select Washington State Wrestling Association from the list and somewhere during the screening process it came back with an error such as you cannot put dashes in the phone number or SSN. When that happens, it will remove the association from your selection and put it as a blank (this is a bug - or feature depending on what side of the program you are on) and I have requested it to be fixed to no avail....yet.

So you need to ensure that the Washington State Wrestling Association is checked even if you get errors during your process that need to be corrected.

In the meantime, if you have an Approval e-mail from tclogiq and a pending coaches card (one that still has the BACKGROUND STATEMENT NEEDED on it) you will need to bring BOTH of those to events with you to obtain a pass/band to coach on the floor. Without both of those you will not get a pass. It has to be the approval e-mail and not just the e-mail that you have started the process.

If your card does not have this statement, you will not need the approval letter.

This is good news to have especially given the fact that next weekend at Folkstyle State, there will be NO ONE allowed matside without a coaches band and it will be strictly enforced. At Folkstyle State (and all State Championships) you are also required to have a NCEP bronze certification.

So, when you purchase your card next year - since the background screening is good for 2 seasons, remember that I have to manually process the card before the statement will be approved even if you have completed the screening this year.

One other note....there are NO coaches or officals cards sold at events any longer. You must have the card purchased and background screening completed and approved prior to arriving at the event. The process can take anywhere from 1/2 a day to 60 days.