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WA/Pac-10/Area wrestlers going to the NCAA's

Posted by jedicheetah on 3/10/2010, 6:12 pm

I think I got them all. TEN Washington wrestlers going to Omaha. When was the last time we had 10 guys at the championships?

Washington wrestlers with the parenthesis and HS name after their college.

Anthony Robles - AZ State
Michael Martinez - Wyoming
Alan Bartelli - Boise State
Frank Lomas - Cal State Bakersfield
Andre Gonzalez - Cal State Fullerton
Jason Lara - Oregon State
Ryan Mango - Stanford

Boris Novachkov - Cal Poly
Ben Ashmore - AZ State
Kelly Kubec - Oregon State (Lake Stevens)
Justin Paulsen - Stanford
Brandon Low - UC Davis
Cory VomBaur - Wyoming (Evergreen)

Filip Novachkov - Cal Poly
Levi Jones - Boise State (Lakeside)
Adin Duenas - Cal State Fullerton
Chris Drouin - AZ State
Elijah Nacita - Cal State Bakersfield
Michael Mangrum - Oregon State (Auburn-Riverside)

Jason Chamberlain - Boise State
Barrett Abel - UC Davis
Nick Fisher - Cal Poly

Adam Hall - Boise State
Chase Pami - Cal Poly
Te Edwards - AZ State
Keegan Davis - Oregon State

Shane Onufer - Wyoming (Auburn)
Kyle Bounds - Michigan State (Columbia River)
Nick Amachuastegui - Stanford

Colby Covington - Oregon State
Ryan DesRoches - Cal Poly (Riverside-Chattaroy)
Nathan Lee - Boise State

Kirk Smith - Boise State
Joe LeBlanc - Wyoming
Erich Schmidtke - Oklahoma (Aberdeen)
Michael Larson - Cal State Bakersfield
Zack Giesen - Stanford

Parker Burns - Campbell (Everett)
Matt Casperson - Boise State
Riley Orozco - Cal State Bakersfield

Mitch Monteiro - Cal State Bakersfield
Eric Nye - AZ State
Sam Zylstra - Boise State (Nooksack Valley)
Kurt Klimek - Cal State Fullerton
Clayton Jack - Oregon State
Ricardo Alcala - UC Davis


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