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Sequim Rainshadow Results

Posted by Results on 1/10/2010, 10:25 am, in reply to "Re: Sequim Rainshadow Results??"

Team Results-
Cedarcrest 207
North Mason 198
Kingson 148
Mount Rainier 148
Sequim 142

1st Aaron Garcia, Renton
2nd Saugat Chetri, Renton
3rd Curtis Chittenden, Cedarcrest

1st Jake Velarde, North Kitsap
2nd Zac Joaquin North Mason
3rd Nick Decker Cedarcrest

1st Pedro Joaquin North Mason
2nd Anthony Groat Bremerton
3rd Jon McCormack Mount Rainier

1st Alex Lambert Kingston
2nd Donny Stamaris North Kitsap
3rd Spencer Truong Mount Rainier

1st Ryan Anderson Bremerton
2nd Zach Sisco Sequim
3rd Mitchell Harper Port Townsend

1st Alex Pieris Mount Rainier
2nd Ivan Mukomol Thomas Jefferson
3rd Ryan Unbedacht Port Townsend

1st Sam Newman North Mason
2nd Dalton Webb, Cedarcrest
3rd Markuss Surrat Mount Rainier

1st Adam Raemer Port Angeles
2nd Cody Pazman Cedarcrest
3rd Kenny Henning Sequim

1st Shawn McGlynn Mount Rainier
2nd Dakota Hinton Sequim
3rd Paige Leffler North Mason

1st Brett Johnson Port Townsend
2nd Paul Johnson Thomas Jefferson
3rd Martin Vakemoce Cedarcrest

1st Jed Kenney Cedarcrest
2nd Brandon Vaught Port Angeles
3rd Ryan Kuhn North Mason

1st K.W. Williams Thomas Jefferson
2nd Travis Schriner Kingston
3rd Tim Hagreen Cedarcrest

1st Robert Vandling North Mason
2nd Freddy Rodolf Kingston
3rd John Nguyen Renton

1st Zak Walin Thomas Jefferson
2nd Joey Watson Renton
3rd Jake Foley North Mason


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