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3A subregional 2010

At Camas High School

Team scores — Union 371, Camas 277, Prairie 246.5, Hudson’s Bay 174, Columbia River 158..5, Fort Vancouver 84.5 (three consolation matches remaining)

Top four to regionals

103—Joel Wiley (P) pinned Trevor Smith (P), 1:33; 3rd/4th, Dakota Safford (C) pinned Gabe Norwood (HB), 2:49.

112— Deven Mantanona (FV) pinned Austin Miller (C), 3:59; 3rd/4th, Scottee Burkett (U) pinned Brandon Kelly (CR), 5:02.

119—Preston Hu (U) pinned Jake Crawford (CR), 3:36; 3rd/4th, Lucas Nicacio (C) pinned Zach Sperling (U), 5:47.

125—Tyler Davis (U) d. Anniru Kamara (HB), 10-1; 3rd/4th, Dobbin Le (P) d. Stafan Tuel (C), 9-1.

130—Emilio Alcantar (HB) pinned Justin Hu (U), 3:05; 3rd/4th, William Treadwell (P) vs. Jarron Mendiola (FV), will be wrestled Monday.

135—Kyle Wiley (P) d. Joey Castrey (HB), 12-1; 3rd/4th, Tyler Weiss (C), d. Joe White (U), 5-0.

140—Ricky Simon (U) d. Miguel Salamanca (C), 11-3; 3rd/4th, Harrison Newhouse (P) d. Matt Rice (U), 4-2.

145—Scott Le (C) d. Travis Addy (P), 12-5; 3rd/4th, JoJo Reynolds (U) d. Zach Kreis (U), 3-2.

152—Scott Schnitzer (CR) won over Patrick Davis (C), injury default; 3rd/4th, Nolen Spires (P) d. Jon Reynolds (U), 6-1.

160—Paul Conell (CR) d. Cody Geary (P), 12-3; 3rd/4th, Corey Thurman (P) d. Brock Sparks (U), 2-1.

171—Dillon Thomas (U) d. Caleb Malychewski (C), 2-1; 3rd/4th, Josh Bellinger (CR) d. Josh Reynolds (U), 3-2.

189—Clint Coulter (U) pinned Michael Koehler (C), 0:46; 3rd/4th, Roger Iturbide (HB) pinned Cory Flores (P), 4:37.

215—Brandon King (C) d. Bryson Page (U), 8-6; 3rd/4th, Jason Cline (HB) d. Vutha Chen (FV), 12-8.

285— Max Proudfit (U) d. D.J. Mason (U), 15-6; 3rd/4th, Gabe Wells (C) d. Josh Ingebretson (HB), 7-4.

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