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East Valley 42 Lakeside 31

Individual results

152: Benezay (East Valley) p. Spencer () 2:33

160: Fuson (Lakeside) d. Gonzales () 3-0

171: Mastronardi (East Valley) p. Smith () 0:58

189: Hause (Lakeside) p. Heide () 1:17

215: Watkins (Lakeside) p. Tschritter (East Valley) 0:31

285: Christenson (East Valley) won by forfeit

103: Ulland (Lakeside) p. Hart (East Valley) 3:28

112: Judd (Lakeside) p. Inasz (East Valley) 3:40

119: Ourada (East Valley) d. Baumgarden (Lakeside) 4-2

125: Sweeney (East Valley) md. Brown (Lakeside) 15-6

130: Rockstrom (East Valley) tf. J.T Lauderdale (Lakeside) 21-6

135: Chapman (East Valley) p. Yates (Lakeside) 5:50

140: Josh Lauderdale (Lakeside) md. Brown (East Valley) 9-1

145: Pyatt (East Valley) p. Thomas (Lakeside) 3:16

Bainbridge 43, West Seattle 27

103 — Nick Marck, WS, won by forfeit. 112 — double forfeit. 119 — Dylan Read, B, pinned Travis Duell, 3:20. 125 — Nigel Tambagan, WS, pinned Calvin Gurtler, 3:17. 130 — Louis Wright, WS, dec. Alec Greiwe, B, 7-6. 135 — Caleb Samson, B, pinned Truong Nguyen, 2:10. 140 — Alex Hoover, B, won by forfeit. 145 — Henry Wienkers, B, won by forfeit. 152 — Bill Hepworth, B, dec. Mark Dollente, 9-7. 160 — Corey Touchette, B, won by forfeit. 171 — Connor Kenyon, B, won by forfeit. 189 — Karl Hunt, B, maj. dec. Nikko Emm, 12-0. 215 — Zach Broten, WS, pinned Mike Grant, 1:15. 285 — Nate Vee, WS, won by forfeit.

Eastside Catholic 39, Lakeside 24

103 — Drachman, L, won by forfeit. 112 — Double forfeit. 119 — Beggs, EC, decision, Crutcher, L, 11-10. 125 — Dunietz, L, pinned Eggert, EC. 130 — Warfield, EC, pinned Kamalu, L. 135 — Bui, EC, won by forfeit. 140 — Beggs, EC, decision, Kitchell, L, 11-8. 145 — Obernesser, EC, decision, Stewart, L, 9-8. 152 — Roy, EC, pinned Malarkey, L. 160 — Jaffee, L, won by forfeit. 171 — Roberts, EC, won by forfeit. 189 — Double forfeit. 215 — Stoutt, EC, pinned, Burleson, L. 285 — Helm, L, won by forfeit.

Glacier Peak 44, Meadowdale 18

103—Malachi Lucey (G) won by forfeit; 112—Double forfeit; 119—Matthew St. Marie (G) def. Jack Wilkinson 20-16; 125—John Kim (G) def. Nathan Park 5-0; 130—Paul Kim (G) def. Dustin Deimond 14-7; 135—Josh St. Marie (G) pinned Morgan Smith 5:34; 140—Timmy Douglass (G) maj. dec. over Ben Perales 11-2; 145—Tyler Sabin (G) maj. dec. over Joe George 14-3; 152—Michael Matwichuk (G) def. Danny Shippen 13-6; 160—Sean Elledge (G) pinned Austin Middleton 3:56; 171—Jacob Cecil (M) pinned Brock Just 1:43; 189—Ciaran Ball (M) pinned Noah Palmaffy 1:10; 215—Anthony West (M) won by forfeit; 285—Nate Sandstrom (G) pinned Jonathan Colgrove 2:16.

Oak Harbor 35, Shorewood 34

103—Corey Trimber (O) won by forfeit; 112—Jahleel Vester (O) pinned Aldrin Valdez 0:55; 119—Matthew Floresca (S) def. Cody Bakkema 6-3; 125—Brandon Leach (S) won by forfeit; 130—Rico Campo (S) def. Athan Taisague 6-5; 135—Ian Ducey (S) def. Ryuta Meany 6-4; 140—Kyle Floresca (S) pinned Brodie Dedobblelaere 3:00; 145—Brandon Stratton (O) by tech fall over David Ball 18-3; 152—Josh Crebbin (O) pinned Nick Teeters 0:53; 160—Aaron Wansey (S) def. Steven Souza 7-6; 171—Justin Everett (O) pinned Sam Jang 1:34; 189—Joel Smith (S) def. Colin Higingbotham 14-0; 215—Jeremy Alonso (O) def. Chris Lee 2:20; 285—Taylor Winsor (S) pinned Kyle Mellow 3:30.

Oak Harbor 42, Shorecrest 30

103—Corey Trimbur (O) pinned Eric Fussel 0:30; 112—Walter Castillo (O) won by forfeit; 119—Jahleel Vester (O) pinned Josiah Gleasner 1:33; 125—Jesus Escalona (S) def. Cody Bakkema 8-5; 130—Josh Horton (S) pinned Athan Taisague 2:45; 135—Ryuta Meany (O) won by forfeit; 140—Brodie Dedobblelaere (O) won by forfeit; 145—Brandon Stratton (O) pinned Bryan Officier :30; 152—Josh Crebbin (O) pinned Nick Kelly 1:22; 160—Matt Brennan (S) def. Justin Everett 5-4; 171—Joe Dexter (S) def. Steven Souza 6-3; 189—David Gillespie (S) def. Colin Higingbotham (O) 6-3; 215—Alejandro Lorza (S) pinned Jeremy Alonso :44; 285—Kyle Mellow (O) pinned Ian Bolstad (S) 1:41

Everett 70, Mountlake Terrace 12

103—Justine Palabrica (E) pinned Trung Banh; 112—Rucker Ashley (MT) won by forfeit; 119—JessieLopez (E) pinned Andrew Dahl; 125—Dominic Simonelli (E) pinned Marqueta Johnson; 130—Dylan Ostrander (E) won by forfeit; 135—Zane Crook (E) won by forfeit; 140—Garret Wise (E) pinned Timothy Zuehl; 145—Joel Palabrica (E) pinned Sydny Springberg; 152—Anthony Hawkins (E) major dec. Clayton Seward, 13-5; 160—Connor Boyce (E) dec. Arthur Castleton, 4-0; 171—Taylor Call (MT) pinned Zack Skorka; 189—Brayden Jacobson (E) won by forfeit; 215—Jordan Brock (E) won by forfeit; 285—Levi Carroll (E) won by forfeit.

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