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Washington Senior Dual Team for the 2011 ORCA Duals in Redding, CA

The Washington Senior Dual Team lineup is listed below.  The first team will be the wrestlers we are taking while the 1st and 2nd alternates will be available if needed.  Everyone that applied to the team was an exceptional wrestler and we wish that all could have gone to represent Washington in the duals.  Tough decisions had to be made in choosing the order but the committee thinks we have a phenomenal line-up.  Some wrestlers from our original applicants are not listed here as they were injured at the state tournament.  We wish them well with their recoveries.

We have called the first team choices and either spoken with them or left a message.  We want all wrestlers listed to keep them selves physically ready to compete, even if they are not the first team because they need to be ready to go on short notice.  Make sure you are practicing with a local club to stay in shape physically and mentally.  We will be sending info to the wrestlers to complete and return to us and the first team members need to make their second payment of $75 ASAP.  The deadline for Payment is 2/27/11 but the sooner we get all the paperwork out of the way the better.  If you will be later than 2/23/11 with your payment then please email Dave Gilbertson or call me.

  First Team Best Place 1st Alternate Best Place 2nd Alternate Best Place
103 Dallas Parker 4th 4A Aaron Garcia 3rd 2A Alexia Garcia 7th 4A
112 Ruben Navejas 4A 2X Champ Andrew Vulliet 3rd 4A    
119 Ryan Rodorigo 3rd in 4A Brandon Leach 5th 3A    
125 Dylan Hyder 3A 2X Champ        
130 Antonio Brown 1A Champ Marcus Crone 3A Champ Brenton Beard 3rd 4A
135 Josh St Marie 3A Champ Dustin Utecht 2nd 4A    
140 Josh Lauderdale 1A Champ        
145 Chris Mayolo 1A Champ Dimitri Robinson B Champ    
152 Josh Musick 3A Champ Nikko Veltri 1A Champ    
160 Chris Castillo 1A 4X Champ Kario Wallin 3A Champ Amando DeLeon 2A Champ
171 JD Souza 2nd 4A Roman Velazquez 1A Champ Jeff Haga 2nd 2A
189 Conner Hartmann 4A Champ Miguel Simon 6th 4A    
215 Brian Chamberlain 4A 2X Champ Justin Gillaspie 2A Champ    
285 Kabe Fluaitt 4A 2X Champ Pete Almaguer 1A Champ    

Use the "Donate" button below to make your second payment.  Please do this as soon as possible to ensure your spot on the team. 

You also need to have a USAW competitors card for the 2010-11 season.  If you are a first team member and do not have a USAW card  then you should go online and purchase one ASAP.  Here is the link:  Online USAW card purchase

Additional info will be sent for wrestlers to compete.  We are in the process of arranging a practice session for those member that would like to participate on Saturday afternoon from 1-3.  More details will be released in the near future.


Forms needed to be completed and sent in:

1.  USAW Consent and Release form

2.  Wrestler's contact information form to fill out

3.  WSWA Competitors Code of Conduct

4.  USAW Competitors Card

1.  WSWA Coaches Code of Conduct

2.  USAW Coaches Card

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