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Washington Cadets that competed in Greco-Roman

USAW Cadet National Championships in Fargo, ND - July 2012


Cadet-88 - Jeremy Nygard - 4th

Cadet-113 - Glenn Robertson - 8th

Cadet-120 - Matthew Floresca - 5th

Cadet-120 - Brian Burchett - 6th

Cadet-120 - Matthew Iwicki - 7th

Cadet-152 - Bobby Reece - 7th

Cadet-170 - Chandler Rogers - 1st

Cadet-170 - Ryan Christensen - 2nd


2012 USAW Cadet Greco Nationals Results for Washington

Cadet-88 - Zachary Hanson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Zachary Hanson (Washington) over Dom Latona (Alabama) Fall 0-2,6-4,1:25
Match #2 Louie Hayes (Illinois) over Zachary Hanson (Washington) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #3 Breandan Coughlin (Maryland) over Zachary Hanson (Washington) Fall 1:20

Cadet-88 - Jeremy Nygard's place is 4th.
Match #1 Jeremy Nygard (Washington) over Ryan Zachmeier (North Dakota) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #2 Devin Schnupp (Pennsylvania) over Jeremy Nygard (Washington) Dec 1-0,4-4
Match #3 Jeremy Nygard (Washington) over Drew Hildebrandt (Indiana) Dec 4-0,4-1
Match #4 Jeremy Nygard (Washington) over Shea Randall (Idaho) Dec 4-0,3-1
Match #5 Jeremy Nygard (Washington) over Kirk Johansen (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0
Match #6 Devin Schnupp (Pennsylvania) over Jeremy Nygard (Washington) Dec 1-0,4-4
Match #7 Matt Schmitt (Missouri) over Jeremy Nygard (Washington) Dec 1-0,3-2

Cadet-94 - Hunter Bair's place is unknown.
Match #1 Hunter Marko (Wisconsin) over Hunter Bair (Washington) Dec 5-0,1-0
Match #2 Hunter Bair (Washington) over Rian Burris (South Carolina) Dec 9-3,2-0
Match #3 Antonio Moore (Illinois) over Hunter Bair (Washington) Dec 4-1,1-0

Cadet-100 - Jesus Torres's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jesus Torres (Washington) over Tyler Adkins (Ohio) Dec 2-0,0-1,6-2
Match #2 Tristian Law (Pennsylvania) over Jesus Torres (Washington) Dec 5-1,5-0
Match #3 Jesus Torres (Washington) over Dorian Sapien (Idaho) Dec 0-2,4-3,4-4
Match #4 Taylor Ortz (Pennsylvania) over Jesus Torres (Washington) Dec 3-1,7-2

Cadet-100 - Tyler Almaguer's place is unknown.
Match #1 Trent Olson (Wyoming) over Tyler Almaguer (Washington) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Kevin Miller (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Almaguer (Washington) Fall 0:31

Cadet-106 - Homer Romero's place is unknown.
Match #1 Matthew Barmann (Missouri) over Homer Romero (Washington) Dec 0-1,2-0,1-0
Match #2 Homer Romero (Washington) over Andrew Verr (Illinois) Dec 1-0,4-3
Match #3 Homer Romero (Washington) over Adrian Barraza (Texas) Dec 3-1,0-1,3-1
Match #4 Homer Romero (Washington) over Luke Kirby (Idaho) Dec 3-0,5-0
Match #5 Homer Romero (Washington) received a bye.
Match #6 Kamden Krum (Arizona) over Homer Romero (Washington) Dec 1-1,3-2,7-0

Cadet-106 - Cale Woyvodich's place is unknown.
Match #1 Brian Mitchell (Arizona) over Cale Woyvodich (Washington) Dec 0-3,2-2,4-0
Match #2 Doug Newcomb (Kansas) over Cale Woyvodich (Washington) Fall 0-6,1:31

Cadet-106 - Bryson Beard's place is unknown.
Match #1 Bryson Beard (Washington) over Matt Langraff (Florida) Fall 1-0,1:53
Match #2 Brandon Tucker (Ohio) over Bryson Beard (Washington) Fall 7-9,1:38
Match #3 Bryson Beard (Washington) over Brandon Mayer (Iowa) Dec 2-0,1-0
Match #4 Bryson Beard (Washington) over Walker Christensen (Wisconsin) Dec 0-2,1-0,1-0
Match #5 Steven Simpson (Maryland) over Bryson Beard (Washington) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-113 - Chase Clasen's place is unknown.
Match #1 Chase Clasen (Washington) over Markeith Gibson (Georgia) Fall 1-1,0:34
Match #2 Chase Clasen (Washington) over Cory Marshall (Ohio) Fall 3-1,1:28
Match #3 Craig DeLaCruz (New Jersey) over Chase Clasen (Washington) Fall 0:31
Match #4 Coy Ozias (Virginia) over Chase Clasen (Washington) Dec 7-0,5-0

Cadet-113 - Glenn Robertson's place is 8th.
Match #1 Glenn Robertson (Washington) over Brennan Baccay (Oregon) TF 7-0,8-1
Match #2 Glenn Robertson (Washington) over Robert Alvarado (Illinois) Fall 0-2,1:16
Match #3 Glenn Robertson (Washington) over MA Betancourt (Texas) Dec 1-0,6-0
Match #4 Glenn Robertson (Washington) over Justyn Bostic (Ohio) Fall 1:15
Match #5 Maleek Williams (Florida) over Glenn Robertson (Washington) Dec 4-1,3-0
Match #6 Glenn Robertson (Washington) over Ryan Friedman (Maryland) Dec 0-3,5-0,3-0
Match #7 Craig DeLaCruz (New Jersey) over Glenn Robertson (Washington) Dec 1-1,2-0,4-0
Match #8 Ryder Punke (Illinois) over Glenn Robertson (Washington) Dec 6-0,1-3,2-0

Cadet-113 - Jesse Barajas's place is unknown.
Match #1 Charles Kane (Connecticut) over Jesse Barajas (Washington) Dec 2-0,3-2
Match #2 Jesse Barajas (Washington) over Zach Swink (Iowa) TF 9-3,7-0
Match #3 Drake Foster (Idaho) over Jesse Barajas (Washington) Fall 0:45

Cadet-120 - Tate LeClair's place is unknown.
Match #1 Joshua Terao (Hawaii) over Tate LeClair (Washington) Fall 1:06
Match #2 Josh Mossing (Ohio) over Tate LeClair (Washington) Fall 6-0,1:47

Cadet-120 - Brian Burchett's place is 6th.
Match #1 Brian Burchett (Washington) over Joseph Middaugh (Oregon) TF 7-0,8-1
Match #2 Brian Burchett (Washington) over Logan Boese (North Dakota) Dec 3-0,6-0
Match #3 Brian Burchett (Washington) over Kian Clemens (Kansas) FF
Match #4 Brian Burchett (Washington) over Julian Prieto (Colorado) Dec 5-1,3-3,2-2
Match #5 Brian Burchett (Washington) received a bye.
Match #6 Vincent Turk (Illinois) over Brian Burchett (Washington) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #7 Brian Burchett (Washington) over Max Thomsen (Iowa) Dec 1-0,2-1
Match #8 Brian Burchett (Washington) over Zahid Valencia (California) Dec 2-0,6-0
Match #9 Joe Velliquette (Missouri) over Brian Burchett (Washington) Dec 2-0,3-2
Match #10 Brian Burchett (Washington) received a bye.
Match #11 Vincent Turk (Illinois) over Brian Burchett (Washington) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #12 Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Brian Burchett (Washington) Dec 1-0,2-0

Cadet-120 - Matthew Iwicki's place is 7th.
Match #1 Matthew Iwicki (Washington) over Joseph Prieto (Colorado) Dec 8-1,2-1
Match #2 Matthew Iwicki (Washington) over Ryan Snow (New York) Dec 6-0,2-0
Match #3 Matthew Iwicki (Washington) over Russell Caldwell (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,7-0
Match #4 Matthew Iwicki (Washington) over Anthony Wokasch (Arizona) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #5 Matthew Iwicki (Washington) over Zahid Valencia (California) Dec 1-0,4-0
Match #6 Matthew Iwicki (Washington) over Braydon Akeo (Hawaii) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #7 Joe Velliquette (Missouri) over Matthew Iwicki (Washington) Dec 0-2,1-0,2-0
Match #8 Vincent Turk (Illinois) over Matthew Iwicki (Washington) TF 5-0,1-3,5-0
Match #9 Matthew Iwicki (Washington) over Griffin Parriott (Minnesota) Dec 3-0,2-0

Cadet-120 - Matthew Floresca's place is 5th.
Match #1 Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Sean Perri (Pennsylvania) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #2 Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Freddie Dunau (New York) Dec 3-1,1-1
Match #3 Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Tyler Fleener (Indiana) Dec 4-0,5-0
Match #4 Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Aaron Meyer (Iowa) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #5 Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Levi Smith (Illinois) Dec 7-0,2-0
Match #6 Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Griffin Parriott (Minnesota) Dec 0-2,6-0,1-0
Match #7 Jonathan Marmolejo (Illinois) over Matthew Floresca (Washington) Dec 0-2,2-0,2-1
Match #8 Joshua Terao (Hawaii) over Matthew Floresca (Washington) Fall 3-3,1:56
Match #9 Matthew Floresca (Washington) over Brian Burchett (Washington) Dec 1-0,2-0

Cadet-126 - Anthony Chavez's place is unknown.
Match #1 Anthony Chavez (Washington) over Travis Ostby (Minnesota) Fall 0:42
Match #2 Anthony Chavez (Washington) over Tariq Muhammed (Ohio) Fall 0:21
Match #3 Jacob Rubio (Texas) over Anthony Chavez (Washington) Fall 6-0,1:14
Match #4 Pernevlon Sheppard (Illinois) over Anthony Chavez (Washington) Dec 0-7,3-0,10-1

Cadet-126 - Alejandro Enciso's place is unknown.
Match #1 Chase McElhany (Colorado) over Alejandro Enciso (Washington) TF 0-5,6-0,6-0
Match #2 Carson Brolsma (Minnesota) over Alejandro Enciso (Washington) Dec 4-0,5-0

Cadet-126 - Tyler Wicken's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tyler Wicken (Washington) over Bryson Hockett (Oregon) Dec 5-0,1-0
Match #2 Tyler Wicken (Washington) over Austin Ward (Indiana) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #3 Tyler Haskin (Georgia) over Tyler Wicken (Washington) Fall 3-1,1:53
Match #4 Tyler Wicken (Washington) over Dequarius Millett (Illinois) Dec 7-4,1-5,1-0
Match #5 Patricio Lugo (Florida) over Tyler Wicken (Washington) Dec 2-0,2-0

Cadet-126 - Trevor Kurtz's place is unknown.
Match #1 James Berg (Minnesota) over Trevor Kurtz (Washington) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #2 Trevor Kurtz (Washington) over John Maki (Wisconsin) Dec 6-0,8-4
Match #3 Evan Toth (Michigan) over Trevor Kurtz (Washington) Fall 3-5,1:51

Cadet-132 - Troy Wilson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Troy Wilson (Washington) over Justin Polkowske (Wyoming) Dec 6-4,7-6
Match #2 Troy Wilson (Washington) over Matt Raines (Virginia) Dec 4-3,3-0
Match #3 Troy Wilson (Washington) over Jose Champagne (Indiana) Fall 6-4,0:23
Match #4 John Kenyon (Idaho) over Troy Wilson (Washington) Fall 1-0,1:12
Match #5 Jesse Porter (New York) over Troy Wilson (Washington) Dec 6-0,5-1

Cadet-132 - Darius O`Neill's place is unknown.
Match #1 Aaron Pico (California) over Darius O`Neill (Washington) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Nate Jozsa (Illinois) over Darius O`Neill (Washington) TF 7-0,6-0

Cadet-138 - Killian Page's place is unknown.
Match #1 Zehlin Storr (Michigan) over Killian Page (Washington) Dec 2-0,8-1
Match #2 Killian Page (Washington) over Ryan Middleton (Oregon) Fall 1:41
Match #3 JonJay Chavez (California) over Killian Page (Washington) TF 10-4,6-0

Cadet-138 - Benjamin Alford's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Millsap (Kansas) over Benjamin Alford (Washington) Dec 6-0,6-4
Match #2 Chandler Michael (Oregon) over Benjamin Alford (Washington) Fall 0:16

Cadet-138 - Corde` Ferreira's place is unknown.
Match #1 Connor Myers (Michigan) over Corde` Ferreira (Washington) Dec 5-0,6-0
Match #2 Colston Diblasi (Missouri) over Corde` Ferreira (Washington) Fall 0:40

Cadet-145 - Izaec Quintanilla's place is unknown.
Match #1 Izaec Quintanilla (Washington) over Haggen Meyer (Iowa) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Izaec Quintanilla (Washington) over Levi Escobar (Arizona) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #3 Izaec Quintanilla (Washington) over Tim Harman (Oregon) Fall 2-1,1:36
Match #4 Izaec Quintanilla (Washington) over Riley DeMoss (Illinois) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #5 Michael Bryant (Virginia) over Izaec Quintanilla (Washington) Dec 4-0,5-0
Match #6 Dustin Williams (Kansas) over Izaec Quintanilla (Washington) Dec 1-0,1-2,3-0

Cadet-145 - Conner Small's place is unknown.
Match #1 Conner Small (Washington) over R J Boozer (Pennsylvania) Fall 0-3,0:38
Match #2 Mason Manville (Minnesota) over Conner Small (Washington) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Nick Andrews (Illinois) over Conner Small (Washington) Dec 2-0,1-0

Cadet-145 - Cody Kiourkas's place is unknown.
Match #1 Kaleio Romero (California) over Cody Kiourkas (Washington) Fall 7-0,1:27
Match #2 Cody Kiourkas (Washington) over Zachary Mackall (Ohio) TF 8-0,7-0
Match #3 Parker Jackson (Minnesota) over Cody Kiourkas (Washington) Dec 0-5,1-0,1-1

Cadet-152 - Bobby Reece's place is 7th.
Match #1 Bobby Reece (Washington) over Mitchell Lambrecht (Wisconsin) Dec 2-0,7-0
Match #2 Bobby Reece (Washington) over Casey Guthier (Maryland) Fall 0:18
Match #3 Bobby Reece (Washington) over Jeric Kasunic (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-1,2-0
Match #4 Bobby Reece (Washington) over Alexander Smythe (New York) Dec 3-0,3-2
Match #5 Bobby Reece (Washington) over CJ McKinnis (Oregon) Dec 2-2,7-1,4-4
Match #6 Bo Nickal (Texas) over Bobby Reece (Washington) Dec 2-1,4-1
Match #7 Chris Almony (Maryland) over Bobby Reece (Washington) Fall 0:30
Match #8 Bobby Reece (Washington) over Dustin Gray (Missouri) Dec 1-0,4-0

Cadet-152 - Nathan Spires's place is unknown.
Match #1 Nathan Spires (Washington) over Aarin Feliz (New Jersey) Fall 7-0,0:37
Match #2 Cody Vaughn (Missouri) over Nathan Spires (Washington) Dec 4-4,7-2
Match #3 Dakota Greene (Florida) over Nathan Spires (Washington) Dec 2-0,7-0

Cadet-152 - Tucker Mjelde's place is unknown.
Match #1 Taylor Watkins (Kansas) over Tucker Mjelde (Washington) Dec 6-0,4-1
Match #2 Brendan Harkey (Oregon) over Tucker Mjelde (Washington) Dec 1-0,6-1

Cadet-170 - Ryan Christensen's place is 2nd.
Match #1 Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Cory McFarland (Wyoming) Fall 0:19
Match #2 Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Daniel Smith (New York) Dec 7-0,3-1
Match #3 Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Alexander Benoit (Illinois) Dec 5-1,4-0
Match #4 Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Angus Arthur (Michigan) Dec 2-1,5-6,6-0
Match #5 Trey Miller (Florida) over Ryan Christensen (Washington) Dec 3-8,4-2,1-0
Match #6 Ryan Christensen (Washington) received a bye.
Match #7 Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Dylan Wisman (Virginia) Dec 3-1,7-0
Match #8 Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Angus Arthur (Michigan) Dec 1-2,6-5,0-6
Match #9 Ryan Christensen (Washington) over Terrell Fields (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-0,4-1
Match #10 Ryan Christensen (Washington) received a bye.
Match #11 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Ryan Christensen (Washington) Fall 0:34

Cadet-170 - Chandler Rogers's place is 1st.
Match #1 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Michael Rogers (Pennsylvania) Fall 0:26
Match #2 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Ryan Barron (Maryland) Fall 4-0,0:44
Match #3 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Dontae Mcgee (Florida) Dec 8-4,6-0
Match #4 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Tyler Berdahl (Minnesota) Dec 7-0,1-0
Match #5 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Kyle Schmidt (Ohio) Fall 0:17
Match #6 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Reece Baldwin (Idaho) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #7 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Tyler Wildmo (Michigan) Fall 6-0,0:12
Match #8 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Nathan Marek (Oklahoma) Dec 4-3,0-1,1-0
Match #9 Chandler Rogers (Washington) over Ryan Christensen (Washington) Fall 0:34

Cadet-195 - Jace Malek's place is unknown.
Match #1 Michael Sullivan (Maryland) over Jace Malek (Washington) Dec 2-0,8-0
Match #2 Jace Malek (Washington) over Zane Edeler (Wyoming) Fall 1:55
Match #3 Tyler Crow (Missouri) over Jace Malek (Washington) Fall 2-1,1:06

Cadet-220 - Tate Orndorff's place is unknown.
Match #1 Carson Popp (Indiana) over Tate Orndorff (Washington) Fall 0:27
Match #2 Dylan Otis (Pennsylvania) over Tate Orndorff (Washington) Dec 3-0,3-2

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