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2012 USAW Junior Freestyle Nationals Results for Washington

Junior-106 - Christian Alejandrez's place is unknown.
Match #1 Christian Alejandrez (Washington) over Trevor Murano (Iowa) TF 1-2,6-0,7-0
Match #2 Christian Alejandrez (Washington) over Sebastian Vidika (Ohio) Dec 1-7,6-0,4-3
Match #3 Casey Cobb (Idaho) over Christian Alejandrez (Washington) Dec 1-2,4-2,6-0
Match #4 Nkosi Moody (Illinois) over Christian Alejandrez (Washington) TF 6-0,7-0

Junior-106 - Gabe Martinez's place is unknown.
Match #1 Gabe Martinez (Washington) over Skyler St Peter (Ohio) Dec 3-2,10-3
Match #2 Gabe Martinez (Washington) over Britches Sikula (Illinois) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Gabe Martinez (Washington) over Brian Peska (Nebraska) Dec 5-0,3-4,2-2
Match #4 Tommy Aloi (Virginia) over Gabe Martinez (Washington) Fall 4-2,1:36
Match #5 J. Kohl Tolbert (Utah) over Gabe Martinez (Washington) Fall 0:32

Junior-113 - Adam Burchett's place is 6th.
Match #1 Adam Burchett (Washington) over Hunter Kelley (Georgia) Fall 0:37
Match #2 Adam Burchett (Washington) over Levi Azinger (Iowa) TF 7-0,9-2
Match #3 Adam Burchett (Washington) over Dan Curtis (Michigan) Fall 6-0,1:27
Match #4 Adam Burchett (Washington) received a bye.
Match #5 Adam Burchett (Washington) over Ibrahim Bunduka (Virginia) Fall 5-5,3-2,1:14
Match #6 Adam Burchett (Washington) over Joe Mondragon (Utah) Fall 0-7,1:38
Match #7 Ronnie Bresser III (Oregon) over Adam Burchett (Washington) Fall 1:42
Match #8 Ronnie Bresser III (Oregon) over Adam Burchett (Washington) Fall 1:42
Match #9 Tommy Thorn (Minnesota) over Adam Burchett (Washington) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #10 Adam Burchett (Washington) received a bye.
Match #11 Brent Fleetwood (Delaware) over Adam Burchett (Washington) Dec 5-0,0-1,5-2

Junior-113 - Eduardo Rodriguez's place is unknown.
Match #1 Cheick Ndiaye (New York) over Eduardo Rodriguez (Washington) Fall 6-0,0:54
Match #2 Dallin Denton (Utah) over Eduardo Rodriguez (Washington) Fall 1:58

Junior-113 - Seth Garcia's place is unknown.
Match #1 Johnson Mai (California) over Seth Garcia (Washington) Fall 6-0,0:59
Match #2 Ernest Willis (Iowa) over Seth Garcia (Washington) TF 7-0,7-1

Junior-120 - Josh Newberg's place is unknown.
Match #1 Josh Newberg (Washington) over Michael Oshea (Florida) Dec 4-1,6-0
Match #2 Josh Newberg (Washington) over Matt Weilliver (Pennsylvania) Dec 3-3,3-2
Match #3 Mason Pengilly (California) over Josh Newberg (Washington) Dec 3-0,8-2
Match #4 Josh Newberg (Washington) over Byron Smith (Tennessee) Dec 0-4,4-2,6-0
Match #5 Drake Swarm (Iowa) over Josh Newberg (Washington) Dec 3-0,5-3

Junior-120 - Wyatt Scribner's place is unknown.
Match #1 Wyatt Scribner (Washington) over Devin Porter (Idaho) Fall 5-3,1:20
Match #2 Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) over Wyatt Scribner (Washington) Dec 3-0,2-0
Match #3 Wyatt Scribner (Washington) over Jonah Eide (Iowa) Dec 5-1,2-0
Match #4 Wyatt Scribner (Washington) over Ramon Trujillo (Colorado) Fall 6-5,1:43
Match #5 Wyatt Scribner (Washington) over Nelson Baker (Illinois) Dec 5-6,5-0,3-1
Match #6 Dylan Peters (Iowa) over Wyatt Scribner (Washington) TF 6-0,6-0

Junior-120 - Cruz Velasquez's place is unknown.
Match #1 Matt Findlay (Utah) over Cruz Velasquez (Washington) TF 7-0,7-1
Match #2 Cruz Velasquez (Washington) over Logan Stroh (Pennsylvania) TF 13-4,8-0
Match #3 Brice Gorsline (Nevada) over Cruz Velasquez (Washington) Dec 1-1,4-1

Junior-120 - Tyke Reid's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tyke Reid (Washington) over Mark Andrews (Arkansas) Fall 5-3,0-6,1:32
Match #2 Tyke Reid (Washington) over Bryan Walsh (Iowa) Fall 1:21
Match #3 Immanuel Henderson (Georgia) over Tyke Reid (Washington) Dec 2-0,4-0
Match #4 Michael Bedard (North Carolina) over Tyke Reid (Washington) Fall 2-0,1:26

Junior-126 - Beau Gleed's place is unknown.
Match #1 Beau Gleed (Washington) over Stephen Crooke (North Carolina) Fall 0:32
Match #2 Beau Gleed (Washington) over Brandon Siebold (Massachusetts) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Beau Gleed (Washington) received a bye.
Match #4 Beau Gleed (Washington) over Dusty Hone (Utah) Dec 1-2,6-0,3-1
Match #5 Godwin Nyama (Pennsylvania) over Beau Gleed (Washington) TF 6-0,3-3,6-0
Match #6 Jacob Schmitt (Michigan) over Beau Gleed (Washington) TF 8-2,6-0

Junior-126 - Terrence McKinney's place is unknown.
Match #1 Terrence McKinney (Washington) over Mason Kilcarr (Maryland) Fall 0:24
Match #2 Terrence McKinney (Washington) over Jimmy Carpenter (Missouri) Dec 5-2,3-3,2-1
Match #3 Terrence McKinney (Washington) over Corbin Allen (Virginia) Dec 5-2,6-3
Match #4 Joey McKenna (New Jersey) over Terrence McKinney (Washington) Dec 7-0,5-3
Match #5 Terrence McKinney (Washington) received a bye.
Match #6 Terrence McKinney (Washington) over Zack Nelson (Ohio) Fall 4-9,0:36
Match #7 Kevon Powell (Illinois) over Terrence McKinney (Washington) Dec 1-3,1-1,5-0

Junior-126 - Auston Hilderbrand's place is unknown.
Match #1 Kyle Ferguson (Ohio) over Auston Hilderbrand (Washington) Dec 6-1,2-0
Match #2 Joe Disciaca (Missouri) over Auston Hilderbrand (Washington) Dec 4-1,7-0

Junior-126 - John Godinho's place is unknown.
Match #1 Colton Schilling (Oregon) over John Godinho (Washington) TF 7-0,6-0
Match #2 Josh DiSanto (Pennsylvania) over John Godinho (Washington) Fall 1:49

Junior-126 - Joey Palmer's place is 8th.
Match #1 Joey Palmer (Washington) over Jordan Hart (Nevada) Dec 4-1,5-4
Match #2 Joey Palmer (Washington) over Carlos Alvarez (North Carolina) Fall 6-0,0:35
Match #3 Joey Palmer (Washington) over Tyler Forcella (Montana) Fall 0:36
Match #4 Joey Palmer (Washington) over Doug Johnson (Illinois) Dec 4-1,4-1
Match #5 Joey Palmer (Washington) over Quinn Miracle (Wisconsin) TF 7-0,5-0
Match #6 Joey McKenna (New Jersey) over Joey Palmer (Washington) Dec 3-0,1-3,3-3
Match #7 Joey Palmer (Washington) over Hunter Weber (Wisconsin) Dec 5-3,7-1
Match #8 Connor Schram (Pennsylvania) over Joey Palmer (Washington) Dec 1-0,0-1,1-0
Match #9 Nathan Kraisser (Maryland) over Joey Palmer (Washington) Fall 0:53

Junior-132 - Casey Heaton's place is unknown.
Match #1 Kamaal Abdush Shakur (Georgia) over Casey Heaton (Washington) Fall 8-0,0:46
Match #2 Keaton Randall (Oklahoma) over Casey Heaton (Washington) Dec 1-5,2-0,5-4

Junior-138 - Joseph Grable's place is unknown.
Match #1 Colin Dolata (Wisconsin) over Joseph Grable (Washington) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Joseph Grable (Washington) over Willy LaMacchia (California) Dec 1-2,4-2,6-0
Match #3 Alphonse Vruno (Illinois) over Joseph Grable (Washington) Dec 5-1,3-1

Junior-138 - Jacob Velarde's place is unknown.
Match #1 Jacob Velarde (Washington) over Sammy Ferdig (Indiana) Fall 7-0,1:16
Match #2 Jacob Velarde (Washington) over John Dutrow (Pennsylvania) Dec 1-3,3-1,6-0
Match #3 Jacob Velarde (Washington) over Haden Ryals (Alabama) Dec 1-0,7-0
Match #4 Jacob Velarde (Washington) over Bronson Ashjian (Nevada) Dec 1-0,3-6,4-0
Match #5 Jacob Velarde (Washington) over Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) ID
Match #6 Anthony Ashnault (New Jersey) over Jacob Velarde (Washington) Fall 0-1,2-0,1:43
Match #7 Jacob Velarde (Washington) over Tyson Dippery (Pennsylvania) Dec 0-7,5-1,7-1
Match #8 Neal Molloy (Indiana) over Jacob Velarde (Washington) Dec 2-1,7-0

Junior-138 - Andrew Peterson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Peterson (Washington) over Dustin Jensen (Wisconsin) Fall 6-0,0:56
Match #2 Daniel Sanchez (Maryland) over Andrew Peterson (Washington) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #3 Jake Savoca (Connecticut) over Andrew Peterson (Washington) Dec 2-0,4-0

Junior-145 - Aaron Blaine's place is unknown.
Match #1 Aaron Blaine (Washington) over Zane Nelson (Ohio) 0-3,ID
Match #2 Aaron Blaine (Washington) received a bye.
Match #3 David Almaviva (New York) over Aaron Blaine (Washington) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #4 Aaron Blaine (Washington) over John Marotto (Pennsylvania) Dec 6-4,1-0
Match #5 Joel Northrup (Iowa) over Aaron Blaine (Washington) Dec 0-1,0-0,1-0

Junior-145 - Lucas Somera's place is unknown.
Match #1 Anthony Collica (Ohio) over Lucas Somera (Washington) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #2 Lucas Somera (Washington) over Branden Schorr (Minnesota) Fall 1:09
Match #3 Lucas Somera (Washington) over Alex Metzler (Nebraska) Dec 5-3,6-0
Match #4 Connor Ryan (Iowa) over Lucas Somera (Washington) Fall 0:25

Junior-145 - Gabe Seward's place is unknown.
Match #1 Matthew Greene (New York) over Gabe Seward (Washington) Dec 7-0,4-1
Match #2 Lucas Marcelli (Ohio) over Gabe Seward (Washington) Dec 5-1,7-1

Junior-145 - Brian McCarty's place is unknown.
Match #1 Brian McCarty (Washington) over Napoleon Augustin (Virginia) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #2 Gabe Moreno (Iowa) over Brian McCarty (Washington) TF 6-0,7-0
Match #3 Sam Odell (Connecticut) over Brian McCarty (Washington) Fall 6-4,0:51

Junior-152 - John Hoover's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tim Ostby (Minnesota) over John Hoover (Washington) TF 8-3,7-0
Match #2 John Hoover (Washington) over Ulysses Avgeros (Virginia) TF 8-2,7-0
Match #3 Takil Agnew (Illinois) over John Hoover (Washington) Dec 3-0,2-0

Junior-170 - Nick Karis's place is unknown.
Match #1 Joel Geers (Colorado) over Nick Karis (Washington) Fall 1-1,1:28
Match #2 Codie Lafromboise (Minnesota) over Nick Karis (Washington) Fall 1:42

Junior-170 - Jonathen Dennis's place is unknown.
Match #1 Austin Beaman (Nevada) over Jonathen Dennis (Washington) Dec 1-1,0-1,4-2
Match #2 Samuel Ekanem (Michigan) over Jonathen Dennis (Washington) Dec 1-0,1-0

Junior-170 - Anthony Thomas's place is unknown.
Match #1 Anthony Thomas (Washington) over Aaron Maddox (Louisiana) TF 6-0,7-1
Match #2 Anthony Thomas (Washington) over Justin Mann (Missouri) Dec 7-1,8-5
Match #3 Lukas Basham (California) over Anthony Thomas (Washington) Dec 7-0,2-9,3-3
Match #4 Brett Pfarr (Minnesota) over Anthony Thomas (Washington) TF 7-0,6-0

Junior-170 - Cruz Del Angel's place is unknown.
Match #1 Parker VonEgidy (North Carolina) over Cruz Del Angel (Washington) Dec 5-2,6-0
Match #2 Cruz Del Angel (Washington) over Daniel Silvera (Louisiana) Fall 0:14
Match #3 Cruz Del Angel (Washington) over Ty Kirkland (Arkansas) Fall 1:53
Match #4 Cruz Del Angel (Washington) over Malik Colding (Missouri) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #5 Trey Hable (Minnesota) over Cruz Del Angel (Washington) Dec 5-0,3-0

Junior-170 - Chandler Knight's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Chandler Knight (Washington) Fall 1:21
Match #2 Carson Powell (Iowa) over Chandler Knight (Washington) TF 6-0,9-2

Junior-182 - John Fairbanks's place is unknown.
Match #1 John Fairbanks (Washington) over Dominique Robinson (Indiana) Dec 1-1,0-7,3-2
Match #2 David Kramer (Iowa) over John Fairbanks (Washington) Dec 4-3,7-2
Match #3 Taryn Christiansen (California) over John Fairbanks (Washington) Fall 4-0,0:56

Junior-182 - Tanner Orndorff's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tanner Orndorff (Washington) received a bye.
Match #2 Tanner Orndorff (Washington) over Jordan Davis (Tennessee) Fall 1-0,5-5,0:38
Match #3 Jacyn Goebel (Iowa) over Tanner Orndorff (Washington) TF 6-0,8-2
Match #4 Nolan Boyd (Oklahoma) over Tanner Orndorff (Washington) Fall 0:51

Junior-182 - Jordan Rogers's place is 1st.
Match #1 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Matt Brown (Wyoming) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #2 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Chaeden Grace-reyes (Hawaii) TF 6-0,6-0
Match #3 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Marcus Harrington (Iowa) TF 7-0,7-0
Match #4 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Sheldon Rhoden (Connecticut) Fall 7-0,1:05
Match #5 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over B.J. Toal (Ohio) Dec 8-0,4-1
Match #6 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Garet Krohn (Colorado) Fall 7-0,1:26
Match #7 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Kevin Beazley (Michigan) Dec 6-0,1-0
Match #8 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Andrew Dixon (Oklahoma) Dec 4-0,6-0
Match #9 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Garet Krohn (Colorado) Fall 7-0,1:26
Match #10 Jordan Rogers (Washington) over Glenn Climmons (Georgia) Dec 5-2,2-0

Junior-182 - Jared Koukal's place is unknown.
Match #1 Zachary Coffman (Utah) over Jared Koukal (Washington) Fall 6-0,0:27
Match #2 Ryan Harrison (Arkansas) over Jared Koukal (Washington) Dec 6-1,5-1

Junior-195 - Tyler Cormier's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tyler Cormier (Washington) over Logan Kirby (Maryland) Fall 7-0,0:50
Match #2 Tyler Cormier (Washington) over Phillip Morgan (Oregon) Fall 0:21
Match #3 Tyler Cormier (Washington) over Anthony Christopher (North Carolina) Fall 6-0,1:55
Match #4 Colt Castlebury (Kansas) over Tyler Cormier (Washington) Dec 2-1,0-2,2-1
Match #5 Timothy Dudley (South Carolina) over Tyler Cormier (Washington) Dec 1-1,5-0

Junior-195 - Austin Perry's place is unknown.
Match #1 Tristan Ezell (Arizona) over Austin Perry (Washington) Fall 0-7,1:25
Match #2 Austin Perry (Washington) received a bye.
Match #3 Austin Perry (Washington) over Skyler Hicks (North Carolina) Fall 1-1,1-1,1:04
Match #4 Brandon Larson (North Dakota) over Austin Perry (Washington) TF 7-0,7-0

Junior-195 - Joshua Koukal's place is unknown.
Match #1 Broc Berge (Minnesota) over Joshua Koukal (Washington) Dec 5-2,6-0
Match #2 Joshua Koukal (Washington) over Dalton Halbig (Indiana) Dec 3-4,4-2,8-1
Match #3 Bryan Levsen (Iowa) over Joshua Koukal (Washington) Dec 1-0,1-1,2-1

Junior-195 - Tyrus Kemp's place is unknown.
Match #1 Mante Barnes (Pennsylvania) over Tyrus Kemp (Washington) Dec 3-2,2-0
Match #2 Chris Pagan (Florida) over Tyrus Kemp (Washington) Dec 3-0,4-1

Junior-220 - Jack Welker's place is unknown.
Match #1 Soslan Gularov (New York) over Jack Welker (Washington) Dec 5-0,3-0
Match #2 Antonio Pelusi (Pennsylvania) over Jack Welker (Washington) Dec 0-1,0-0,1-0

Junior-220 - Joey Gomez's place is unknown.
Match #1 Brett Haas (Iowa) over Joey Gomez (Washington) Dec 3-3,1-0
Match #2 Joey Gomez (Washington) over Taylor Lancaster (Utah) Dec 6-0,2-1
Match #3 Michael Swider (Illinois) over Joey Gomez (Washington) Dec 2-0,8-0

Junior-285 - Ed Torres's place is unknown.
Match #1 Andrew Lutterloh (Virginia) over Ed Torres (Washington) Dec 1-0,2-0
Match #2 Jessie Nelson (Wisconsin) over Ed Torres (Washington) Dec 2-1,4-2

Junior-285 - Brandon Johnson's place is unknown.
Match #1 Josh Marchok (Illinois) over Brandon Johnson (Washington) Dec 7-0,2-0
Match #2 Brandon Johnson (Washington) over Keaton Sameshima (Colorado) Fall 6-0,0:42
Match #3 Brandon Johnson (Washington) over Aaron Beadle (Oregon) Dec 3-1,6-0
Match #4 Donte Winfield (Indiana) over Brandon Johnson (Washington) Dec 2-0,2-0

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