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The Todd Beamer wrestling team won their first SPSL South League Championship defeating Federal Way  64-12 and  Graham Kapowsin 35-33.  Both GK and TB defeated Federal Way on their way to the showdown of the undefeated teams, Graham Kapowsin and Todd
Beamer were 7-0 at the time.  The Championship match was a heated battle between many top ranked wrestlers in the state.  Jordan Rhodes, Brian Dykman, Ares Carpio, Deshar House, Blake Hansen, Lance Gibson,  Mark Haver, and KJ Skannal were victorious in
our Championship Match!

Wrestling  Todd Beamer 64 VS  Federal Way 12

106 Jordan Rhodes (TB)  WBF 3:02 Mark Rangelow (FW)
113 Brett Dykman (TB) WBF 4:26 Daniel Song (FW)
120 Brian Dykman (TB) dec. 13-9 Anthony Pena (FW)
126 Josh Hibbitts (TB) FFT
132 Ares Carpio (TB) FFT
138 Aron Set-Heit (TB) WBF 1:50 Anthony Lehto (FW)
145 Deshar House (TB) WBF 3:45 Tanner Day (FW)
152 Blake Hansen (TB) maj. Dec. 14-2 Alex Harp (FW)
160 Lance Gibson (TB) Tech Fall Keenan Curran (FW)
170 Mark Haver (TB) maj. Dec. 26-13 Khalil Weston (FW)
182 Konstantine Motso (TB) WBF 1:16 Barak Bargelt (FW)
195 KJ Skannall (TB) FFT
220 Koby Craig (FW) FFT
285 Jesse Leifi (FW) FFT

Wrestling  Todd Beamer 35 VS  Graham Kapowsin 33

106 Jordan Rhodes (TB) WBF 3:53 Cody Camball (GK)
113 Spencer Schroeder (GK) dec. 3-9 Brett Dykman (TB)
120 Brian Dykman (TB) dec 11-4 Kaleb Ogburn (GK)
126 Taylor Salzberg (GK) WBF 1:28 Josh Hibbitts (TB)
132 Ares Carpio (TB) dec. 8-3 Adam Ramano (GK)
138 Ian Steen (GK) WBF 1:37 Aron Set-Heit (TB)
145 Deshar House (TB) dec. 4-3 Grant Steen (GK)
152 Blake Hansen (TB) wb disqualification Mack Busey (GK)
160 Lance Gibson (TB) maj. Dec. 12-1 Josh Figueroa (GK)
170 Mark Haver (TB) maj. Dec. 14-2 Drake Figueroa (GK)
182 Joe Gomez (GK) WBF 1:06 Konstantine Motso (TB)
195 KJ Skannall (TB) WBF 1:10 Tyler Kline (GK)
220 Cody Fox (GK) FFT
285 Alex Boynton (GK)  FFT

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