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12-17 Daily

Woodland 48 Ridgefield 30
106- Andrew Bosch (W) dec. Casey Oviatt 16-11
113- Josh Ornelia (W) Pinned Adrian Montiel 3:49
120- Brian Alejo (W) by forfeit
126- Lane Newburn (W) pinned Anthony Bruno :39
132- Dillian Beckwith (W) by forfeit
138- Nathan Patterson (W) pinned Ryan Harris 1:20
145- Caleb Kaiser (W) Pinned Miller Steinbrenner 5:41
152- Kurtis Patterson (W) pinned Gunner Long 1:20
160- Clayton Farr (R) Pinned Zac Zeevers 1:07
170- Kyle Carl (R) pinned Austin Reynolds 5:42
182- Steven Main (R) by forfeit
195- Jordan Baur (R) by forfeit
220- Zach Wardle (W) dec. John White 6-3
285- John Lindholme (R) by forfeit

Stevenson held a double dual Tuesday against Goldendale and Hockinson.  The dual match scores are as follows; 

Stevenson 44   Goldendale 21

106  Double forfeit

113  Double forfeit  

120  Alec Brenan (Ste) Forfeit (Gol)   

126  Tyler Miler (Ste) Forfeit (Gol)   

132  Dean Enstad (Gol)  Fall  Austin Towell (Ste)  

138  Jalen Waymire (Ste) Maj. Dec. Daniel French (Gol) 

145  Jacob Schneider (Ste) Forfeit (Gol) 

152  Karl Bell (Ste) Fall Joseph Gast (Gol) 

160  Nolin Bare (Gol) Dec. Alex McCrum (Ste) 

170  Matt Maddux (Ste) Fall Zack Shattuck (Gol) 

182  Brayden Ross (Gol) Fall  JR Johnson (Ste) 

195  Evan Wiebe (Ste) Forfeit (Gol) 

220  Kurt Wilkins (Gol) Fall Marcus Carter (Ste) 

285 Casey Wendell (Ste) Forfeit (Gol)   


Stevenson 46  Hockinson 33 

106  Ben Zora (Hock) Forfeit (Ste) 

113  Tyler Delay (Hock) Forfeit (Ste) 

120  Alec Brenan (Ste) Fall Evan Giger (Hock) 

126  Tyler Miler (Ste) Fall Nate Lazzaretto (Hock) 

132  Austin Towell (Ste) Maj. Dec. Emanuel Gill (Hock) 

138  Cody Sheddy (Hock) Fall Jalen Waymire (Ste) 

145  Jacob Schneider (Ste) Fall Donny Oja (Hock) 

152  Karl Bell (Ste) Fall Jordan Knaust (Hock) 

160  Alex McCrum (Ste) Forfeit (Hock) 

170 Josiah Niemela (Hock) Dec. Matt Maddux (Ste) 

182  Jacob Doney (Hock) Fall JR Johnson (Ste) 

195  Evan Wiebe (Ste) Fall Aaron Burns (Hock) 

220  Marcus Carter (Ste) Fall William Schultz-Rathbun 

285  Zachary Bradseth (Hock) Fall Casey Wendell (Ste)     

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