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Information on how to advertise on this site

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How to advertise on this site


This site has the most readership of any wrestling site in Washington, bar none and advertising on here is a great way for businesses to get the name and product in front of wrestling fans on a regular basis.  The funds from this site go to the Washington Wrestling Report to help continue to provide the site.

If you’re interested in advertising a camp or clinic, the ad rates are cheaper for a basic ad with camp date, location and contact info. If you’d like a downloadable full flyer ad (you supply the flier), its a little more. You can advertise things besides camps/clinics at the same rates.  Nothing is guaranteed as far as fees, location of ads, changes in fees, size of ad, etc. It is all month to month and can be changed by me at anytime. Those that know me know I will be fair but I need people to understand that I'm not in the advertising business so it's  only a sideline for me.

The ad space in the header at the top of each page is up for bid.  The highest bidder will be able to place a banner ad in the header that will show on every page along with the Google display on top.  The top header of the message board (where I have my message board rules posted is also open for bid.  Both of these are on a monthly basis and I must have all bids in by the 25th of each month and the high bidder needs to have their check TO ME by the 31st of each month.  The minimum bid for the spot at the top of the page is $100.  Large custom ad spots on the front page are available for a short run (1-2 weeks) on an  individually negotiated rate which is substantially higher (but still affordable :)) than the bid for price on the horizontal ad.

Ads are available in the footer of each message on the board and at the bottom of the front page ads.  These are the same size as the top but are not by bid.  It is a flat fee of $100 for each 30 day cycle that you want and more than one advertiser can place this type of ad per month.

The side column ads will go up in order of first come, but I do try to rotate them around and are priced below.

PP means Pre-paid  
For a front page Side Column Ad Banner Camp Ad Rates/Full Flier (will be listed on camp page)
(You design and send me the adv.) 1-60 days-$30 / $45 PP Paid within 30 days $40/55 Paid after 30 days $50/65
    61-90 days-$45 / $60 PP Paid within 30 days $55/70 Paid after 30 days $65/80
    91-120 days-$55 / $70 PP Paid within 30 days $65/80 Paid after 30 days $75/90
    120-150 days-$65 / $80 PP Paid within 30 days $75/90 Paid after 30 days $85/100
1-6 months-$90 PP Paid within 30 days $110 151-180 days-$75 / $90 PP Paid within 30 days $95/110 Paid after 30 days $115/130
7-12 months-$150 PP Paid within 30 days $180 12 months-$100 / $115 PP Paid within 30 days $120/135 Paid after 30 days $140/155

If you have questions regarding this you may e-mail me here or call me at 425-338-0266

Donations are also accepted. Donations and advertising requests can be made out and sent to:

Dave Gilbertson

16212 Bothell Evt Hwy Ste E

Mill Creek WA  98012-1235


425-338-0266 available by phone 8-10 pm


Advertising request should include your check (or pay by credit card below) and then you can e-mail your ad to me. 

E-mail Dave


Purchase WWR Ads Here

Press the "Donate" as it is for advertising payments on this page


Below is an example of the size and shape of banner ad you can design and send to me to post on all pages. 


Vertical Banner (120 x 240)  Pixels
Vertical Banner

Ad size below is for horizontal ad at top of page or footer

468 x 60 Pixels