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Ed Aliverti -- (Spell the legends name right)

Posted by rals on 2/7/2008, 7:49 am, in reply to "Re: Ed Alverti "

Ed has more than earned the right to run the tournament announcing anyway he sees fit. His singing is tradition, and furthermore incredible.

He's recognized WORLD, that's right, WORLD wide for his contributions announcing at the most elite wrestling events conducted around the globe. Many here here in Washington (mostly youngsters) just have no idea the talent caliber you have the pleasure being exposed to. Cherish it now, because it will not be here for ever!!!

I'm confident that any long time attendees of Mat Classic felt his absence last year. I, for one am very hopeful to hear the GREAT ED ALIVERTI at the mic, announcing, singing, and orchestrating another fantastic Mat Classic!

My favorite about Ed.... he takes the time to ask questions and rarely pronounces a name incorrectly. He genuinely cares about the wrestlers, and the sport. He is a legend in our sport! THE WORLDS OLDEST AND GREATEST SPORT!

Here is a little reading lesson to get some understanding about the great Ed Aliverti:


Published on: 5/19/2004 ...
Ed Aliverti is considered the voice of Amateur Wrestling. He announced his first wrestling meet in 1958 at Edmonds High School in Edmonds, Washington. It all started when as the choral director at Edmonds H.S. he recruited six wrestlers to sing in his choir. In turn, they asked him to be the public address announcer for the team's first dual meet. Ed spent two weeks in the wrestling room for practice to learn the sport and the rest is history.

Since that time, Ed and his wife Shirley, who shares the sport with him, have announced wrestling meets at every level, including the past five Olympic Games. He has been the announcer at 34 International Wrestling Competitions and the past 28 NCAA I National Championships. Ed has announced several of the NCAA II National Championships in the past fifteen years, as well as NAIA and NCAA III Championships. Perhaps Ed's greatest challenge in announcing is the Washington State High School Championships which he has done since 1964. That tournament has four divisions which are wrestled simultaneously on twenty-four mats.

Ed is considered one of the greatest ambassadors the sport of wrestling has. His pet phrase "TheWorlds Oldest and Greatest Sport" is one in which he truly believes. As an announcer he tries to inform, he tries to educate, entertain occasionally and he will even sing a song or two if needed. He always tries to present the sport and it's participants in a dignified and respective manner.

He has received many honors and awards in his career. He is a distinguished member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame, the NAIA National Wrestling Hall of Fame, and the Washington State Wrestling Coaches Association Hall of Fame. He has also been awarded the Meritorious Award by the National Wrestling Coaches Association and the Man of the Year Award for 1992 by the WRESTLING USA MAGAZINE. Ed and his wife Shirley have both been awarded the very prestigious Dr. William A. Tomaras Award for Merit for promotion of wrestling in the State of Washington. In a recent poll conducted by WRESTLING USA MAGAZINE Ed was listed as number four of Top Contributors to Amateur Wrestling of All Time.

Ed Aliverti spent forty years in the field of education. He did his Bachelor's and Graduate Studies at Washington State University. He taught music and directed choirs at the high school level in Edmonds, Washington, for twenty-five years. After earning his counseling credentials at Seattle University he spent fifteen years as Dean of Student Services at Edmonds Community College. As an educator he has received the Excellence in Education Award as conferred by the Edmonds Community College Board of Trustees, has been conferred the title DEAN EMERITUS of Edmonds Community College and has received the Washington State Governor's Community Service Award.

Ed and his wife Shirley have been married for 48 years. They have been volunteers together for the sport of wrestling most of that time. They are the parents of three daughters, all of which were wrestling statisticians for the Edmonds High School Wrestling team. Ed and Shirley also have two grandsons and two granddaughters.