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Just ignore

Posted by LGilford on 4/30/2008, 9:27 am, in reply to "Re: Holy Cr@%^&&&"

Everyone who visits this site has the opportunity to ignore the ads. Dave does enough with this site to have to worry about who might be offended. If you see a homosexual couple walking down the street, do you want the world to boycott or avoid them. The sad fact is that there are aspects of this sport that appeal to pedophiles and homosexuals and the ads that wrestling generates would co-incide with those demographics. Welcome to the 21st century. Unless you are on a dial modem, as quick as the ads pop-up, you can scroll down on the screen. And remember, the more you click on these ads, the more they come back.

This is not directed to anyone in particular but rather a option for people who have a problem with these ads. Remember also that as they are showing up more frequently, that indicates that many people who use this site are clicking on the ads. Dont Feed The Troll!!!!!!!