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Officials and Sportsmanship

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It happened at regionals  By BTB

Drapping scissors discussion on NFHS forum

Pre-weigh-in Talk

Suitable undergarment

Rear-Standing, double-knee kickback

PIAA Pre-Season Wrestling Rules Bulletin 2009-10

Rules on skin conditions for NFHS, NCAA and USAW in one file

Pre-Meet Duties

Great Rules site with pictures, etc  10/22/09

Website with photos about scissors and figure 4's in folkstyle  10/22/09

NFHS Forum

Calif officials forum

USAW Gear1

USAW Gear2

Cliff Keen

WOA Page

This page Is a gathering of informative articles and message board posts about officiating and sportsmanship. 

4 point NF if violation occurs thread from Message Board

How to make your son a better wrestler

Rules scenarios from the message board

"By the Book" Posts

2007 WA USAW Fees

How to raise a flake post 3-25-07

Dads will be dads thread 3-25-07

California Officials section of the CA-USAW site has some good info for officials, coaches, wrestlers and parents.

Information on proper officiating from the CA Officials Clinic (very good review of protocols for officials) article on young referees 7-24-03

Okie Message Board posts 4-17-03

Tom Doyle Seattle Times article

When Parents Cross the Line by Craig Smith of the Seattle Times

Dr. Bill Welker Article 9/26/2002

Officials-What it's about article

Posts from 7/31/2002

Posts from the Oregon Live board on officials 3-10-2002

Posts from the IKWF board on officials 3-3-2002

Posts from USAW Message Board 2-23-2002

Posts from message board on stalling and the Stephens-Yamamoto match (2-20-02)

Article on Officials by the Everett Herald on 1-27-2002

Posts from the IKWF regarding parent and coach behaviors 1-27-2002 

Posts from the IKWF board on officials 12-5-2002

May 30, 2001 - I saw this article on the Wrestling USA web site and thought it was a good starting point.