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College Wrestling in Washington State

If you are interested in pursuing wrestling after high school and want to stay in the
state, Highline Community College and Yakima Community College are on the rise wrestling programs.

Contact Highline Community College Assistant Wrestling Coach Norton at:

Scott Norton

Head Wrestling Coach

Highline C.C.

Contact  Yakima Community College Coaches at:

Mike Schmitt - - (509) 307-0140
Antonio Pimentel - (509) 941- 8486

Subject: YVCC National Champions: Recruiting

The NCWA National Champions, Yakima Valley Community College Women's Wrestling team has started its recruiting for the 2009-10 season.

The YVCC team was founded last year to address Title IX issues and helped preserve the wrestling program at the college. In doing so, Coaches Pimentel & Schmitt have put together a championship team and now they are looking to build that that success!

In eastern Washington, a couple of hours from Seattle, YVCC offers a very affordable, high quality education. Local housing is inexpensive and on-campus dorms are available. The wrestling staff is very helpful and does a great job making sure you settle in at YVCC with assistance and guidance for academics, housing and finances.

The Pacific Northwest is a hotbed of women's wrestling with the top three placers at the NCWA tournament coming from the area. The YVCC team competes in collegiate (NCAA rules) wrestling, with the women practicing with the men's team and many of the team's events having divisions for both genders. The women have also participated in events as members of the men's team.

YVCC is interested in all levels of women's wrestlers from placers in national tournaments to entry-level wrestlers. Coaches Pimentel & Schmitt were able to develop one first-year wrestler into an All-American placer this year. While being an accomplished wrestler is a big plus, more important to them is a hard-working can-do attitude and an eagerness to improve.

Anyone interested if finding out more about joining the team can contact Coach Mike Schmitt at or 509-307-0140.

Robin Pilger

Kenmore WA

P.S. Because many of the returning men's wrestlers are redshirting next year, there are many opportunities at YVCC for men too. Please pass the word along to anyone you think might be interested.


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